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Kensington Resort

CheongpyeongPoonglim Resort

Perfect for company meetings or training programs, CheongpyeongPoonglim Resort offers a peaceful retreat surrounded by the natural beauty ofthe CheongpyeongLake area, yet is also conveniently located close to downtown Seoul. Facilities include a variety of meeting spaces, guest rooms, and other amenities to make any event a winner.

Support Facilities

Support Facilities
Rooms A total of 176 guest rooms are available in sizes of82.5m², 92.4 m², 108.9 m², or 181.5 m², able to hold up to about 700 persons maximum.
Banquet&Dining The in-house restaurant has capacity for about 300 persons and can accommodate banquets and seminars. Barbecues are possible in the garden next to the resort.
Mineral Water Sauna The resort provides a sauna and bathing facilities with yellow sulfur mineral water.
Other Facilities Includes billiards, a market, bar, karaoke, game room, table-tennis courts, a coffee shop, outdoor pools, and an outdoor recreation area.
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Support Facilities
Division Facility Name Number of Facilities Size in m² Capacity
Rooms 82.20 m²Type 96 82.20㎡ 4
91.33 m² Type 52 91.33㎡ 4
109.60 m² Type 24 109.60㎡ 5
182.67 m² Type 4 182.67㎡ 7
Banquet Facilities Korean/Western Restaurant 1 80
Group Restaurant 1 280
Other Facilities Restaurant, mineral water sauna, billiards, bar, supermarket, karaoke, game center, table-tennis court, Coffee shop, outdoor pool, playground