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Airport, transportation

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    Convenient accessibility from abroad
    – Incheon Airport to Gyeonggi Province

    From Gyeonggi Province, which can be regarded as a gathering of satellite cities that are surrounding the capital city of Korea, Seoul, you can reach seoul at once as the outer circular road has opened. Thanks to the Incheon Bridge, which recently opened and helps the visitors enjoy a more safe and convenient journey, all visitors can now reach Incheon International airport faster and easier by various public transportations.

    Incheon International Airport

    • International air freight cargo (2012): 2.31 million tons (World No.2, source: ACI)
    • Passenger transport (2012): 28,191,116 people
    • Ranked No. 1 among the world’s 86 major airports in customer satisfaction evaluation_(ADO) by Airports Council International and the International Air Transport Association
    • 63 airlines with routes to 142 cities

    Incheon Port

    • No. 1 in Korea (Container traffic growth rate, nationwide growth- rate 4.7%, source: Incheon Port Corporation)
    • Container traffic (2012): 1377000 TEU (Increase of 19.9% over previous year)

    Pyeongtaek Port

    • Total traffic (2012): Approximately 3,5.3 million tons
    • Container handling freight cargo (2012) : 260000 TEU (Increase of 10.7% % over previous year)
    • Hub of Chinese trade: Of Pyeongtaek Port’s total traffic, the quantity of goods transported to China amounts to 5.1 million tonnes
    • Cargo entry/departure cost savings: Compared to Busan and Incheon, 60% for general cargo, containers

    Pyeongtaek Port Hinterland(Integrated Logistics Port)

    • Scale: 4,479,338㎡ (Investment costs KRW 82 billion)

  • iconAn ideal internal traffic infrastructure
    – Traffic condition of Gyeonggi province

    Gyeonggi province’s well constructed public transport system facilitates getting to a certain destination, without driving a personal car own or renting a car. Intra-city bus and shuttle bus as well as subway and intercity bus, has made it easier to enjoy the journey. If you are planning to travel Gyeonggi province by public transportation, we recommend you to use the transportation card. It not only is more convenient, but also saves your money.

    Transportation Card

    • T-money (Prepaid Transportation Card)
    Transportation Card


    • The subway service is available in the Metropolitan Seoul region, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju and Daejeon. The service is similar in all of these cities, but the price of a one-trip ticket varies slightly depending on the city.
    • Ticketing : One-time transportation cardAfter selecting a destination, insert a 500-won deposit and service fare into the ticket machine [called a One-time ticket sales/Transportation Card Charger], and retrieve a ticket issued by the machine. After disembarking from the train and going through the turnstile, insert the ticket in the [Deposit Return Machine] to get back the 500-won deposit.
    • > Subway Route Map



    • Gyeonggi Province has a wide traffic system as it is adjacent to Seoul city, and is in the same life zone with 31 cities and countries, so the bus service routes that come and go over administrative districts run to 75% of whole routes. Including Incheon-si, traffic discount benefits are applied throughout the capital areas including all intra-buses(regular bus·express city bus·direct express bus)/town shuttle buses/subways.
    • Transfer discount benefits
      • – Must touch the transportation card to the card reader when getting on/off the bus.
      • – For teenagers and children, 80% and 50% of additional fees applied respectively
      • – Transfer valid time limits to 30 mins
      • – Transfer discount apply limits up to the 5th transportation after 4 times of transfer.
      • – Transfer discounts are not applied when transferring to the same route
    • Notice
      • – When using prepaid transportation card, please check if enough balance remains.
      • – When more than one person are to ride with 1card, you should let the driver know the number of persons in advance, everytime you get on a bus.
      • – Transfer discount is applied only when the same number of persons arrive in the same destination.
      • – 1 card use for more than one person is only available on bus (1 card for each person needed for subway use)
    • > Link: Gyeonggi province bus information system
      > Link: Seoul province bus information system


    Taxi Services

    • International Tax is the foreigner taxi service is quick and convenientto use for foreign visitors to Gyeonggi-Do&Seoul and expatriates residing in Gyeongg-Do&Seoul
      • Call Taxi Service

        – You can call a taxi by phone in places where it is hard to flag down a cab or during odd hours.

        – Same as a regular taxi